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Oct 16, 2018

Super Smarts I need Super Help!


My main villain in my book has the power of super smarts which I think will be a lot of fun to have a character being about to mentally calculate your every move but I'm worried about writing this character well. I don't know if I can think like the villain because I don't have super smarts. Any advice?




Oct 16, 2018

It seems tricky, but if you know what your main character will be doing, because you are the writer, the villain always knowing what they are doing will be easy. The hard part will be leaving clues for them to reasonably explain how they knew. Either, a past history (well you commonly take paths that will protect your friends, so by putting your friends in danger I knew exactly what you would do), probabilities (there was a 26.2% chance that you would have taken the street passing the library, but by closing two roads due to "accidents" the probability increased by 47%), intuition (I had a feeling you would be by to see me. You can only stay away from the other half for so long before destiny will pull you to me), or informants (all I had to do was put the right friends in the right places. Did you really think the phrase "hiding in plain sight" would work on me?). If you do that, you don't necessarily need to have super smarts as you put it, just look up some fun vocabulary they would use and leave (subtle!) clues and you should do great! Good luck!

Nov 7, 2018

I think that is really good advice! I think I will remember that when I go forward with my villain in my story. (Also sorry for taking such a long time to reply!!)

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