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JUNE 30, 2020 at 2:00pm Mountain Time

What to draw? Planning your graphic novel like a pro.

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Ever wonder what to write and what to draw in a graphic novel? We'll talk panels, paragraphs, and planning as we breakdown how to plan your graphic novel.

What are the terms used to describe page layout and how do they relate to my writing?
We'll look at panels, tiers, and pages and learn about the unwritten grammar of graphic novels.

What comes first, the words or the art? Basically, where do I start?
We'll look at a typical path for planning your graphic novel and talk about why planning, not pantsing, is the way to go. Sorry Pantsers :)

What do I need to get started?
We'll look at tools, both traditional and digital, that will help you get start AND complete your graphic novel.

What is the difference between a comic, a web-comic (like Webtoons), and a graphic novel.
We'll also break this down to make sure you understand where your idea lies and find the perfect home for your work.

After a couple of decades creating video games, Dustin focused his storytelling mojo toward creating books and graphic novels. He draws, writes, and goofs around as much as possible, and sometimes he even gets to do it for his job.